03 September

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12 weeks-3

To say it’s been awhile would be an understatement. It’s been almost THREE months since I posted anything on this poor, sad little blog. Despite what it looks like, we’ve been shooting weddings and sessions and been keeping busy. I’ve just been too tired, overwhelmed and for awhile, sick feeling, to do anything but barely get by and get our work delivered to their rightful owners. In case you missed the news last week…we found out we’re expecting baby #2!! And while we couldn’t be more excited, it’s definitely taken it’s toll these last couple of months. I struggled with some morning sickness this time around ( I had none with Lilly, so I really didn’t know what to expect.) While it was mild, it was enough to send me to the couch often and let Lilly watch way too much TV. And the exhaustion…oh my word. At least I knew what to expect on that front. Most every night, during the thick of it, I would just collapse on the couch after Lilly was asleep and usually fell asleep watching Food Network shortly thereafter. Matt would usually wake me from my sleepy stupor around midnight when I’d just crawl upstairs and into bed for the rest of the night.

I’m happy to report however, that I’m feeling SO much better! I’m starting to feel like myself again and I haven’t worn my sea bands in over 1 week. I think I’m  out of the woods- fingers crossed :) Hopefully as we move forward, I’ll be able to catch up the blog with all the work we’ve been cranking out over the spring and summer. Until then… here are a couple of the photos we used to announce the new baby last week, along with some extras that didn’t make the cut- and Lilly’s final straw at the end :) But first- me and baby at 12 weeks… yes TWELVE. I showed early with Lilly and even earlier this time. I’m fully prepared to get just as huge as I did with Lilly.. :)

And PS- THANK YOU to everyone’s sweet messages on the social media waves over the last week! We truly appreciate it!





16 June

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The first word that came to mind to describe Ginna and Blake’s Wedding was fun! They had such a fun, lighthearted group of people and from the looks of things, everyone had a blast. Ginna and Blake, both of their families and all their friends were so easy to work with and truly made our job easy that day. Enjoy a very large handful of my favorites from their day!

Full vendor list coming up soon!

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